Vendor Payments

Vendor Payments

Simplify vendor payments.

Paying vendors has never been more convenient than with EFS virtual cards. Adding virtual payments to your pay cycle is the most streamlined and secure method of making a vendor payment.

With EFS virtual cards you can make highly secure invoice payments to any vendor who accepts Mastercard using the safety of virtual credit cards and virtual accounts with their unique computer generated numbers used to settle a specific vendor payments transaction for a specific dollar amount. Designed as a more secure alternative to ACH and check payments, virtual cards are essentially card-less credit card payments that allow you to simplify your vendor payments.

The EFS Vendor Payments advantage:

  • Make highly-secured invoice payments to any vendor who accepts Mastercard
  • Tighten financial controls and improve back-office efficiencies
  • Maximize cost savings and enhance visibility
  • Streamline your payables process

Utilizing big data to drive efficiency.