Simplify vendor payments

Improve cash flow, speed and transparency with digital payments.

Digital payments are faster and more secure

Make secure one-time or recurring vendor payments

Modernize your payments ecosystem

Streamline procurement by eliminating paper and manual work

Improve transparency and visibility into business expenses

Earn revenue on volume spend using digital payments

Streamlined and secure vendor payments

Digital payments modernize your payments ecosystem by improving cash flow, speed, security and transparency. Designed as an alternative to ACH and check payments, digital payments provide a highly secure, safe and efficient way to make one-time or recurring vendor payments. Digital payments easily integrate with your existing AP process to improve efficiencies for both you and your suppliers.

Vendors that commonly accept digital payments include:

  • Employment services
  • Hotels
  • Mobile communication
  • Office supplies
  • Recruiting/advertising
  • Repairs
  • Tags
  • Tires
  • Tolls
  • Towing
  • Truck/trailer parts
  • Weigh stations

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