Everything truckers need to keep cash flowing

Easy factoring to get you paid today, cash flow to keep you moving tomorrow, and fuel discounts to keep you saving mile after mile. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Trusted partner

Advice and resources based on your unique needs

Fast funding

We work hard to get you paid within 24 hours

No hidden fees

No fuel card funding fees, no invoice-upload fees

Prospect credit checks

Via the largest database of freight broker payment info

Easy invoice uploads

Mobile and web tools for uploading invoices, 24/7

Fuel card program

Save thousands per year with fuel discounts at over 4,500 sites*

We want to make factoring easy for you

Factoring is an excellent way to manage cash flow and pay for operating expenses without creating debt. Our approach is simple. Offer easy, transparent invoice factoring with no hidden fees. With over 30 years experience in trucking finance — and the best customer service in the business — we’re the cash flow partner you’ve been looking for.

Stop waiting to get paid. Get a factoring rate quote today.

Included with Factoring

Credit Check

24 hour access to the largest database of freight broker payment information, color-coded and letter-graded to book loads fast.

Fleet Docs App


This app makes it easy to scan, create, and submit invoices. Use our powerful online portal to organize them all in one place.