Payroll Card

Mastercard® Payroll Card

The ultimate in payroll cards.

The EFS Mastercard Payroll Card allows you to simplify payroll distribution while providing your employees with increased security, access and personalization. Through a single-file load, payroll funds are loaded to the card and employees can conveniently use their payroll funds anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Our payroll card can be used to pay monthly bills or other personal expenses (utilities, cell phone bills, internet services, and more) – or access cash via the All Points (surcharge FREE), Cirrus or STAR ATM networks. Employees can register checks or transfer payroll funds to an external bank account (on demand or automated recurring transfers). Best of all, employees can conveniently access and manage their payroll funds 24/7 through the EFS CardControl mobile app.


EFS Mastercard Payroll Card advantage:

  • Universal acceptance via the Mastercard Network
  • ATM cash access via the All Points (surcharge FREE), Cirrus and STAR networks
  • Immediate or scheduled transfers to external bank accounts
  • Pay monthly bills such as utilities, cell phone, internet provider, and more from the convenience of the card
  • Issue checks using the funds on the card
  • 24/7 online and mobile access to funds