Fleet Cards

Regardless of fleet size, EFS provides flexible fleet fuel card solutions designed for you with your fleet in mind.

As an owner/operator or fleet manager in the over-the-road trucking industry, you can control your fuel costs and grow your fleet through harnessing the power of a fuel card customized to your unique needs. Because no two fleets are alike, EFS offers three flexible fleet fuel card solutions tailored to meet the needs of fleets with 25 trucks or fewer, as well as larger fleets.

Fleet One Edge Fuel Card

Fleet One EDGE Card

(1-25 trucks) In a world of tight budgets and schedules, every dollar and minute counts towards giving your fleet an edge.

Fleet Management Card for Better Fuel Tracking

EFS Fleet Card

(26+ trucks) A powerful, fleet card solution that responds to the changing dynamics of your growing business.

Mastercard Fuel Card

Mastercard® Fleet Card

The power of the EFS fleet card, combined with the Mastercard network for non-fuel purchases—all on a single card.

If you are not yet using fuel cards, chances are you are leaving money on the table.

Not only are you forgoing discounts on fuel and other products, but you are missing the opportunity to gain better security and control around fuel purchases along with valuable analytical data to spot trends and behaviors.

When using a traditional credit card, a fueling receipt typically shows the date, time, location, and number of gallons purchased. When using an EFS Fuel Card, however, you can capture numerous data points around that transaction such as driver ID, unit number, trip number, odometer information, and much more. We can even marry the fuel card data with telematics data from the truck, to provide additional layers of security and fraud risk prevention.

Fleet One EDGE Card

Designed for fleets of 1 to 25 trucks, the Fleet One EDGE card allows you to access the largest fuel discount network in the U.S.—3,600 sites nationwide—to provide an average savings of 15 cents per gallon of diesel. The Fleet One EDGE card is universally accepted at over 8,000 truck stops and travel centers, including Pilot, Flying J, Circle K, Quick Fuel, Petroleum Wholesale, and many more. The card can also be used to obtain discounts on major tire brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Dunlop, Continental, General Tire, Kumho, and Yokohama, with an average savings of $40 per tire. There are no fuel transaction fees for purchases in the EDGE network and this powerful fuel card also provides thousands of additional savings on wireless plans, equipment, maintenance, parts, repairs, hotel stays, and more.

Fleet Management Card for Better Fuel Tracking

EFS Fleet Card

For larger fleets of 26 trucks or more, the EFS Fleet Card is a powerful, convenient payment solution that meets the financial demands of your business, as well as those of your employees or independent contractors. Accepted at more than 16,000 locations across North America, the EFS Fleet Card allows you to set purchase limits in real-time and control fuel and non-fuel purchases with distinct card prompts that validate the sale at the point of purchase. The EFS Fleet Card does it all, consolidating transactions on a single card, giving you one data point to manage and control purchases, settlement, cash advances, and more. This revolutionary fuel card’s real-time reports allow for seamless online account reconciliation and system integration with leading third-party software providers. With 24/7 online and mobile access, security and control are never left behind.

Mastercard Fuel Card

EFS Mastercard Fleet Card

For dual-network, single card solutions, the EFS Mastercard Fleet Card leverages EFS’ superior fuel purchasing controls and is accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted for non-fuel purchases such as T&E expenses, emergency repairs, and more. Its many other advantages include cash price for fuel in the EFS truck stop merchant network and MCC/TCC Categories/Velocity Limits in the Mastercard network.

We believe you know what is best for your fleet, which is why we offer a unique approach for cost-savings, fuel purchase tracking, business payments, and fleet cost analysis. With our diversity of flexible fleet fuel card solutions to choose from, EFS is on board to help your business thrive.

Mobile Fleet Management Fuel Cards

Put the power of EFS in your hand with our mobile solutions.