Fuel Audit

Fuel Audit & Reconciliation

Gain greater transparency and visibility and improve fuel management and driver performance.

EFS’ Online Fuel Audit and Reconciliation tool for fuel management leverages big data to provide KPI tracking and purchase reporting, along with real-time and historical pricing analysis to take control of and better manage fuel spend. With our powerful fuel management tools, you can save valuable time auditing and reconciling fuel spend to ensure you are receiving your negotiated discounts with our robust real-time reporting and analysis.

The key to reducing fuel consumption lies in better driving behaviors. Giving drivers feedback on their own fuel consumption should reinforce lessons in fuel economy. This is where EFS’ powerful fuel reconciliation tools also come into play. Our highly effective audit tool provides a streamlined way to access fuel consumption metrics quickly through performing real-time and historical pricing analysis and expertly verifying individual transactions. With KPI tracking and purchase reporting for ease of management, you can provide your drivers with the kind of accurate, actionable feedback that leads to more fuel efficient driving habits.


The EFS Fuel Audit & Reconciliation tool advantage:

  • Daily Fuel Reconciliation
  • Fuel Price Verification
  • Individual Transaction Verification
  • Executive Management Reporting
  • Mobile Fuel Price Discovery and Optimization Tools
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